e-Governance Initiatives at theExcise Directorate

e-Abgari is developed as a web enabled application with ASP.NET 4.0 and MS SQL Server 2014 as Backend Database. Database is mounted on Windows Server 2008. It is at National Data Centre, New Delhi with DR sites located at Pune & Hyderabad. e-Abgari Portal uses standard Web technologies and techniques such as secure sockets layer (SSL), HTTP redirects, cookies, JavaScript to deliver the single sign-in service. The software is developed using latest available tools and follows e-government standards. Concepts such as SOA, XML SOAP etc. have been used. e-Abgari is designed & developed in such a way so that it can be accessed in role-based manner through implementation of predefined Authentication & Authorization policy. e-Abgari is developed & deployed as per guidelines for Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It is made live only after getting Cyber Security Clearance Certificate from STQC, KPMG followed by CSD, NIC(Hqrs.).

Various Online e-Services are being delivered through State Excise Portal https://www.wbexcise.gov.in, which are follows:-

v Workflow based System for Grant of Excise License for the Next Period of Settlement

·        e-Application by Excise Licensees for Grant of License

ü Uploading of relevant documents

ü e-Submission of Application to Range Officer

·        e-Issuance of Acknowledgement to Excise Licensee

·        e-Acting on Application by Excise Officer either to Hold on or, to Forward the Application to Excise Collector

·        e-Acting on Forwarded Application by Excise Collector to Hold on, or Seek Clarification or e-Issuance of Excise License for the Next Period of Settlement

v Workflow based System for Label Registration of Packaged Foreign Liquor & Packaged Country Spirit

·        e-Application for Label Registration

·        e-Issuance of Acknowledgement

·        e-Issuance of Label Registration Certificate

·        e-Application for Renewal of Label Registration

·        e-issuance of Renewed Label Registration

v Workflow based System for Import Permit-cum-Pass for (a) Bulk Spirit (b) SDS, Methanol (c) Spirit for Medicinal Purposes

·        e-Requisition by Licensee for Import Permit-cum-Pass

·        e-Issuance of Bar-coded Import Permit-cum-Pass by Competent Authority

·        e-Receipts of Imported Consignment & automatic updating of Stock

·        e-Issuance of Excise Verification Certificate (EVC) by Competent Authority

v Workflow based System for Import Permit-cum-Pass for Packaged Foreign Liquor

Packaged Foreign Liquor can be imported from other states on payment of duty. The e-Abgari system enables the importer to place requisition and deposit relevant duty/fee at his own convenience. Besides, as the database for Registered Brands are maintained in e-Abgari, it is automatically ensured that Licensee can import only those brands which are registered at Excise Directorate for current financial year. Information on the status of the requisition is available to the importer on real time basis.

·        e-Requisition for Import Permit-cum-Pass for Packaged Foreign Liquor

·        Acting on the Requisition electronically by the Competent Authorities

·        e-Issuance of Bar-coded Import Permit-cum-Pass for Packaged Foreign Liquor printed on Security Paper supplied by the Government Press

·        e-Receipts of Imported Consignment & automatic updating of Stock

·        e-Issuance of Excise Verification Certificate (EVC)

v Stock Inventory System for Foreign Liquor / Country Spirit Manufactory, Manufactory adjacent Trades, Exclusive Trades

a.     Manufactory

·        e-Receipts of Spirit

·        e-Stock Inventory of Strong Spirit (SST) VAT

·        e-Issuance of Spirit to Blending & Reduction (BRT) VAT for production of a Brand of Specified Batch

·        e-Issuance of 2D Barcode for pasting on Liquor Containers (provision available)

·        e-Recording of Produced Packaged Foreign Liquor – Measure, Total Cases/Bottles

·        e-Transfer of Produced Bottles to the Stock of Adjunct Bond

·        Real Time / Daily / Monthly Stock Inventory of Spirit in Manufactory

b.     Warehouse

·        e-Receipts from Manufactory OR e-Receipts through Import from Other States

·        e-Issuance of Bottles to Trades through De-bonding (Transport Pass)

·        e-Stock Inventory of Packaged Liquors

c.      Trades

·        e-Receipts from Manufactory  OR e-Receipts through Import from Other States

·        e-Issuance of Bottles to Trades/Retails through Transport Pass

·        e-Stock Inventory of Packaged Liquors

v  Workflow based System for Transport Pass for Packaged Foreign Liquor / Country Spirit

For movement of Liquor within the state, Transport Pass is necessary. The e-Abgari automatically determines the type of transport considering the nature of license of the Consignee & Consignor. Besides, as the database for Stock is maintained in e-Abgari, it is automatically ensured that the Consignee can place a requisition for only those brands which have adequate balance in the Consignor’s stock.

·        e-Requisition for Transport Pass for Packaged Liquor

·        e-Issuance of Transport Pass for Packaged Liquor

·        e-Receipts of Transported Consignment

·        Automatic updating of Stock at both Consignee & Consignor ends

v Monthly e-Return for Manufactory, Bond-cum-Trade, Exclusive Trades & Retail Licensees

·        Receipts of Spirit / Packaged Foreign Liquor

·        Issuance of Spirit / Packaged Foreign Liquor

·        Excise Duty / Fee Deposited

v  e-Bond Value Register (e-BVR) and  e-PL Account Register

Most Important Statutory Registers at Manufactories indicate (a) the eligibility for Under Bond Import/Transport of spirit and (b) Status of Revenue Deposition at Government Accounts

·        Automatic Recording of Transactions (Credit & Debit)

·        Generation & Printing of Monthly & Yearly Registers

v Business Intelligence (BI) System

·        Unparalleled analytical ability to Excise Officers

·        Aiding to analyze trends and understand the pattern followed in production, consumption, revenue generation etc.

·        Performing comparative analysis vis-à-vis district, time, location, liquor type, manufacturing unit, etc. and draw important inferences based on time-series data in the central repository

·        Helping trend analysis in forecasting the sales and revenue generation for subsequent years and take informed decisions in case of variation in revenues and sales

v Monthly Online e-Reporting System for Intoxicant Consumption & Revenue Receipts by Excise Collectors

v  Online Daily Preventive Raid e-Reporting System by Excise Collectors of all districts

v  SMS based e-Services at State Excise Portal

·        Aims to utilize the massive reach of mobile phones and harness the potential of mobiles to enable easy and round-the-clock access to G2B, G2C & G2G services

·        PUSH SMS: Auto-sending of SMS to Excise Licensees, Excise Officers in the events of Requisition Submission for Permits/Passes by Excise Licensees, Requisition Forwarding by Excise Officers, Permit /Pass Generation by Competent Authorities, Label Registration Certificate Issuance etc.

·        PULL SMS: Allows the Stakeholders to request for and receive information pertaining to Application/Requisition/Permit/Pass as an SMS. All anybody needs to do is SMS: - WBGET <;Sub-Keyword>;<;Full or, Part of Requisition/Permit/Pass No.>; and send it to 9231025205.

v e-Chemical Examination Laboratory

·        To streamline the process of chemical examination of samples and seized articles and to monitor the disposal of articles analyzed

·        E-Submission of Requisition for Chemical Analysis of both Industrial & Court Case Samples by Stakeholders

·        Receipt of Physical Samples & Generation of Receipts

·        e-Allotment of Sample Testing

·        e-Generation of Sample Analysis Results for E-Issuance to the Applicant

v e-Court Case Monitoring

Because of the enormous volume of pending cases, it was becoming very difficult for the Law Cell of the Excise Directorate to have the life cycle details of a Court Case within a stipulated period of time, since cases may drag on for years. Therefore it was felt that an e-monitoring system needs to be developed.

·        Ensures details on engagement of Lawyers, Court Case life cycle management, Case wise Petitioner List & Respondent List, Hearing Details and Case wise status enquiry by the intended stake holders

·        Ease of Monitoring of Court Cases for Excise department with combinational query features

·        Less time-consumption for searching a specific case and all its related cases (Appeals against the said case & the cases which lead to this case)

v e-Grievance Redressal

To ensure that the Excise Licensees & Citizens get responsive, accountable and transparent administration, redress of citizens' grievances is one of the most important initiatives of West Bengal Excise Department. The Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS) is made available in Excise Directorate Portal with an objective of speedy redressal and effective monitoring of Grievances.

·        Online Registration of Grievance

·        Generation of Grievance Id. & Acknowledgement

·        Auto-SMS to the Complainant acknowledging receipt of Grievance

·        Auto-SMS Alert to Officer-In-Charge with which Grievance is related

·        Auto-SMS sent to Complainant informing Action Taken

v  Details on the extent of Integration with other e-Governance Projects

·        Integrated with West Bengal Government Payment Gateway GRIPS (Government Receipt Payment Portal System) enabling monitoring of real time excise duty collected through challans submitted in the GRIPS system of the Finance Department

·        Integrated with NIC SMS Gateway for pushing Alerts as SMS and facilitating to pull status information as SMS from e-Abgari

·        Integrated with http://etaal.gov.in, which is the web portal for dissemination of e-Transactions statistics of National and State level e-Governance Projects on real time basis

·        Integrated with West Bengal State Commercial Tax Directorate Portal for real time exchange of data pertaining to Way Bills issued for excisable commodities

The unparalleled success of e-Abgari in recent past has made West Bengal Government enthusiastic in formulating a robust future road map for its further enrichment. Through transactions on the portal, the initiative is on the path of turning itself into a self-sustainable project. Integration with GRIPS for e-payment of duties & taxes and Commercial Tax directorate portal for real-time data exchange on Way Bill issuance has made this innovative time-bound service delivery and monitoring mechanism sustainable, financially and operationally. The portal has achieved strong cost effective mechanisms and has proved to be a very useful instrument in enhancing the efficiency of the system, hence ensuring its sustainability. 

Now, the Excise Department, Government of West Bengal has taken initiatives for further development so as to provide better e-services through e-Abgari.


  1. Rolling out 2D Barcode based Packaged Liquor Supply Chain Management System

After successful implementation of 1D Barcode based Permits/Passes throughout the state, it is now possible to identify and seize any fake passes used to transport, import or export of Bulk Spirit/Packaged Liquor in the state. The Department is now ready to roll out 2D Barcode based supply chain management system for packaged liquor.  

Provisions are already available in e-Abgari to carry the following data in each of the 2D barcodes for tracking the flow of the corresponding bottled liquors:-

·        Label Registration Id. No.

·        Brand name

·        Name of the Brand Owner with Address

·        Name of the Manufacturer with Address, in case Brand Owner is not Manufacturer

·        Measure in Milliliters

·        Name & Strength of Liquor

·        Date of manufacture with Batch No.

·        Primary & Secondary Legends

·        MRP 

This will enable the Government in easily identifying counterfeit branded bottles or bottled liquor on which excise duties and/or fees have not been paid. It is proposed that these 2D Barcodes will be printed on Labels with Holograms to be supplied by the West Bengal Government Press for using by the Packaged Liquor Manufacturers & Importers throughout the state. 


  1. Rolling out implementation of Mobile Apps so as to aid Packaged Liquor Inventory at retail establishments in rural areas

With e-Abgari, the receipt of consignments through execution of Transport Passes is successfully being implemented throughout West Bengal as consignments of Packaged Liquor coming from Warehouses are being entered through a single-click of mouse. But, it is observed that Retail Outlets of Packaged Liquors, specifically those which are located at rural areas, suffer from interrupted power supply and intermittent internet connectivity.  This in turn hampers the process of maintaining stock inventory system in e-Abgari during peak sales time.  

Keeping this in mind, requisite software module (a Mobile App) is already developed in e-Abgarito facilitate such Licensees to record their day-to-day sale transactions with the aid of smart mobile device. This Mobile App can be downloaded by the Retailer from State Excise Portal. Now, whenever sale of packaged liquor is to be done, the Retailer needs simply to scan the 2D Barcode of the package and the details of the package will be captured and stored in the SD memory card of the mobile device. 

A Web Service associated with the Mobile App will instantly establish connection with online e-Abgari to push the sales data to update the stock inventory. In case, there is no Mobile Network, it will store the data in the SD Memory Card and flush it to e-Abgari as soon as Mobile Network connectivity is restored.